19 Minute Low Impact Beginner Cardio Boxing Workout for Fat Loss and Calorie Burn

This 19 minute workout uses low impact moves to get your heart pumping and blast fat and burn calories, with no jumping, kicking, or high impact moves. Great for beginners or those new to cardio boxing looking to go slower for form. Also great for those with injuries or joint pain who still want a good cardio workout. Options to take it up or bring it down for your level.

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  1. Arunima Saha says:

    Please do a video about yourself, some 50 facts about yourself

  2. oh heart says:

    yayyy for another beginner workout!! always love the 10minutes one and will definitely try this!!! thanks Amy πŸ˜€

  3. Moha abdu says:

    Great workout for beginners, I’ve lost 6 lbs in 2 weeks watching your videos
    Thank you Amy

  4. Rotwood says:

    That was really fun! I’m a beginner at work outs and I have felt intimidated by starting out, but I’ve been feeling so much better by exercising regularly while following your videos. They’re very clear and encouraging. I’m very grateful for the good work that you do!

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