#2 My 30 MIN workout for abs, glutes and shoulders workout with Kettlebell and Jump rope

Hey Guys!
Here’s my 30 min workout routine!!! It’s one of my favorite core and cardio workouts.This targets the glutes, abs and shoulders. Have fun and Don’t forget to subscribe for more videos or just to leave like if you enjoy the workout.


EMOM*(Every minute on the minute)
Every minute you start exercise.

1. Jump rope 30 rep
2. Kettlebell swing 20
3. Jump rope 30 rep
4. Single arm kettlebell swing 20 rep(each arm)
5. Jump rope 30 rep
6. Kettlebell shuffle swing 20 rep

5 rounds

2 minutes rest between series

Kettlebell: I was using 8 kg but my recommendation for advanced
strong friends would be 12kg /16 kg

Don’t forget to stretch after exercising.

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