30 min Fat Loss Cardio Circuit

If you want to lose body fat, than cardio is going to be the ticket to getting your weight loss on the fast track. Building muscle in your legs will assist you further in your weight loss because these are big muscles and big muscles burn lots of calories! Another great feature of this workout is that you will be engaging your abs for each exercise, so while you are working keep your mind on your lower abs and obliques to make sure they are working!
This is a bodyweight cardio circuit that can be done anywhere and requires no equipment.
Fat Loss Cardio Circuit
Back lunge Vertical Jump 20 reps – Left
Back lunge Vertical Jump 20 reps – Right
Squat Side Kick – 20 Squats/ 10 Kicks each leg
Running High Knees 1min
Rest 2min
Repeat 5 times

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