41 Squat Variations To Build Strength and Muscle

We should all work on building quality movement patterns and then building strength, power and resilience through those patterns.

A squat is on of those patterns. The thing is that we shouldn’t try to fit the client to the exercise but rather the exercise to the client. We must take into account everything from assessment, injury, lifestyle, goals, individual joint structures, etc.

But at the end of the day we have many ways to squat and improve it no matter who the client is and what their goals are.

I share 43 squat variations using different tools to show how there are many, many ways to help clients achieve goals and use the squat. I also included single leg variations as they are a great way to build leg strength, improve imbalances, reduce load on the lower back, etc.
Each and everyone of these variations could have been taken further by adding bands, different tools, single leg variations, intensification methods such as eccentrics, accommodating resistance, pauses, rest pause, and a mix of all the above and more (which would have created hundreds of variations).

Not to mention, if we focused on specific strength or more metabolic squat variations we’d really be able to add a ton more 🙂
The goal was to share different squat variations you can use to build strength and muscle mass in your programs

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