5 Minute Abs & Core Workout : How to get a Six Pack

In this video (5 Minute Abs & Core Workout : How to get a Six Pack) I will show you how to get the six pack with an 5 minute ab workout. The workout can be done almost anywhere. You do not need any equipment.

It lasts for 5 minutes and will hit most abdominal muscles. It is done without rest, to always maintain the tension in the muscles.

Workout :
– 15 Leg Raises (x2)
– 20 Mountain climbers w/plank (x2)
– 15 Starfish Adv Crunches (x2)
– 30 Sec Leg Hold (x2)

If you do the workout without any rest, in the end you will feel your abs burning. You can (and you should off course) incorporate this small workout at the end of your other workouts on a daily basis to get the six pack

As I said, comment on what you liked most in this video, and also what you liked less.

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