5 Worst Cardio Mistakes for Fat Loss (AVOID THESE TRAPS!!)

Avoid the worst cardio mistakes for fat loss with our 90 day fitness and nutrition program

These 5 worst cardio mistakes for fat loss are things you’ll want to avoid if you want to learn how to lose bodyfat. This list includes the worst types of cardio for fat loss as well as other common fat loss mistakes that keep people from reaching their goals. If you want to know how to lose fat, first it’s important to know what doesn’t work.

These are some of the worst fat loss mistakes that are perpetuated in the culture, such as that cardio is the only or the best way to lose weight. This is actually one of the worst weight loss mistakes. If you want to know how to lose bodyfat, you’ll need to incorporate some strength training and make some dietary changes in addition to doing cardio. You’ll also want to avoid the worst types of cardio for fat loss which is pretty much any slow prolonged cardio.

If you want to know how to lose fat it’s important to choose the best cardio for fat loss, which often comes in the form of strength routines done intensely for shorter periods of time. If you are looking to avoid the worst fat loss mistakes and get workouts that help you build strength and get your cardio in one shot, check out our Athlean-XX for Women program

Here are the most common fat loss mistakes related to cardio:

1) Doing only cardio and no strength training
2) Doing lower intensity cardio
3) Doing the same type of cardio in every session
4) Doing more than 30 mins of cardio per day
5) Doing cardio but not adjusting nutrition

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    Can your videos apply to guys also?

  2. Carmen Arroyo says:

    Excelent thank you so much

  3. maha binhayer says:

    i really respect what u said…its gonna be 3 months…i joined gym.. my target was abt to looose 10kg atleast with good diets though…bt I just lost 6 kg just in 3months…i use to workout on treadmill.steppers..and weight liftings..etc..and also 30mins abs or zumba class…maybe sumthing was missing in my journey 😔 i feel 💔 sad..coz sooon i m gonna get married..and i wanna be atleast 50kg 😶

  4. Sarah Collin says:

    Many of the classes, at my club are 60 minutes, HIIT and cardio strength combo type classes, my heart rate goes up and down during this time, but probably only “in the zone” for 30 minutes. I wont push myself hard enough independently to keep my heart rate up for very long. Do you think this would be effective and not too much? I am skinny fat, have a hard time building muscle, but have a ring of fat around my midsection I need to burn off!

  5. regine white says:

    thanks i just started working out

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