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7 Facts about training abs:

1) Focus on the range of motion (ROM). Better ROM = Better Results.

2) Should you train your abs with weights? You should treat your core muscles just like any other muscle on your body. But be careful not to add heavy weights with your ab exercises because that will increase the size of your waist line and you will look bulky. Add enough weights to feel some sort a resistance for more efficiency.

3) Your core has a back side too. Which is known as your lower back. Include lower back exercises in your workout. It’s extremely important.

4) Don’t forget your side core as well. Also known as the obliques. They require training too for the perfect and healthy core.

5) Keep your ab workout to the end. Never do it in the beginning of your workout. Basically because, by training abs, you are tiring the muscles and your whole core will become fatigued. Then when you start your workout, say squats for example, you will feel that your core is not as strong as it should be, and you may feel that your trunk is out of balance. Keep your core muscles strong and leave the ab exercises for the end of your workout.

6) We agreed that you should treat your core muscles just like any other muscle part on your body. And that’s exactly why you shouldn’t train abs everyday. You need to give enough time for your abs to recover just like you do for your chest muscles for example.

I hope you find the following facts and tips helpful and take them into consideration next time when you train your abs.

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