ABS Week 2 Day 2: Complete Workout || #Runtastic #Results #RR

Welcome back #Fellas!

Today we are still doing #ABS but lowering rounds and rising reps!
This short but high-reps workout was pretty much intense!
A couple of times I had hard time finishing the exercise! Still? …never gave up! ㋛

This journey is every day more interesting than ever! Really!

Tomorrow is goin to be cardio, just to mix things up a little bit! This way we won’t get bored!


#Dukesthenics #BeYourOwnResult #RR #Runtastic #Results

• Rounds: 2
• Exercises: Bicycle Crunches, Leg Raises, Russian Twist Hard, Scissor Kicks

⇒ Vlog:
⇒ Full Workout:

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