Advanced Ab Workout You Can Do at HOME in 5 Minutes!

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Why Crunches & Sit Ups DAMAGE Your Spine

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There are 100 different ways to effectively work your abs and core without doing a single crunch or sit up….

This advanced ab workout has 4 moves that you can do AT HOME with ZERO equipment to help you get a harder core! Do this workout consistently while cleaning up your diet and flatten your belly while strengthening those DEEP ab muscles that crunches and sit ups don’t work very well.

If you’re a beginner, be smart, start slowly and make steady progress…over time you can begin adding on reps, time or sets to make this workout even harder.

Advanced Ab Workouts at Home
2-3 Sets | 10-20 Reps or 10-20 Seconds

-Prone Plank with Side to Side Hip Drop
-V Tucks
-Russian Twists with Feet Raised
-Side Plank Hold with Straight Arm


  1. Dana DOT says:

    effective exercises,the lady has a very good body congrats!thanks for share

  2. saray fit says:

    Nice girl

  3. Maratree Alderson says:

    I love it

  4. Reynaldo Ramirez says:

    Looks great I’ll try it!

  5. Chloé Sammie says:

    Please make more like this. Don’t focus always on booty and legs.

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