The best advanced core workout can be found in our 90 day fitness and nutrition program

This advanced abs workout is the ideal home ab workout to challenging your midsection. This is an intense abs workout so be prepared to work hard. Even if you are a beginner, try these advanced ab exercises and see how they go for you, and work your way up to doing more sets.

There are 4 home abs exercises in this intense core workout. For each of these advanced core exercises you’ll do 30-45 seconds of work followed by 15-20 seconds of rest for each side depending on your fitness level. If you are a beginner shoot for 1-2 rounds of this challenging abs workout. If you are more advanced you can do 3-4 rounds of these home ab exercises. If you are looking for a full length home core workout check out our complete Athlean-XX for Women program

Here are the advanced ab exercises that make up this intense abs workout:

1) 1 Leg Bosu Pop Up
2) Straight Leg Plate Push
3) 1 Leg Runner
4) Elevated Med Ball Crunch

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  1. yupyup1562 says:

    Wow, looks great. Except for the bosu drop, I will try these out. Bosu drop is too hard on my shoulders.

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