Back, Biceps, and Abs Shredding | Getting lean | With Model Alex Barber

Starting to get leaner, just in time for summer! Check out this intense back, biceps and abs workout.

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Skinny, to shredded to fitness/fashion model, follow my journey on the road to Aesthetics Infamy.

If you want to take exactly what I take make sure you grab C4, Alpha Aminos, and NO3 Chrome.

For those of you who are really looking to get shredded check out Super HD too!

I am a 25 year old model based out of NYC, I am currently 6’1″ and 163 lbs. I am a 100% natural “bodybuilder” I lift for aesthetics and strength not necessarily to be the biggest dude in the gym. I am 100% motivated by doubt.

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-Snapchat: @AlexBarberSSMF

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