Balancing Bodybuilding & Work? #askDave

Dave Palumbo answers all your questions related to bodybuilding and fitness. Nutrition, supplementation, training and life in general!

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  1. Mike Rothwell says:

    11:08 (don’t argue with Dorian) Dave is WAY off about delayed onset muscle soreness. In an interview with Joe Rogan, Dorian says that if it didn’t hurt to sit on the toilet for four days after he did legs, he’d be pissed.

  2. plum413 says:

    Love the show thank u Dave, sid and Puerto Rican I hope his family is well in Puerto Rico my pick would be dex Jackson he is well spoken .. we sure do miss Rich

  3. Maros Kovac says:

    Please more of ask dave ✌🏼

  4. east wood says:

    How did Dallas die?

    • shane womeldorff says:

      east wood – I believe it was choking on food. He unfortunately was alone in the residence and was found by his trainer unresponsive. Trainer cleared out his throat and did CPR to no avail. This is what I hear but Rx muscle is about to put out a video interview with the guy who found him. So we will know for sure.

  5. Hello Bye says:

    R.I.P – RICH

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