BattleRope ST by The Abs Company Exercise Routine Instructions

– The BattleRope Suspension Trainer by The Abs Company promotes weight loss and strength gains through High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in a circuit style workout. By combining cardiovascular training with strength training in high intensity intervals on the BattleRope ST you can build lean muscle and increase overall cardiovascular conditioning. The BattleRope ST system allows for easy progressions from battle rope training to suspended body weight training. For battle rope workouts, the exerciser will assume the universal athletic position in 3/4 squat with core constantly engaged. Since the weight in each 6 pound handle allows for shorter overall working length (10 feet from anchor point), movements can be performed in tighter and more compact fashion. Oscillations should be kept small in front of the hips. When performing rope slams, arms need not be raised higher than shoulder level. When anchored in two spots (loop anchor at low position and hook brackets at high position) spaced five feet apart vertically to divide the working length of the rope in half again, the BattleRope ST performs as a suspension trainer by allowing each handle and rope end to independently extend 5’ from the high anchor position. Using the BattleRope ST in this fashion enables strength training through body weight resistance for upper body, core, and lower body. Perform chest flys, high rows, bicep curls, tricep extensions, knee ins, and other suspended training exercises for a safe and effective workout routine to develop strength and muscular endurance that does not additional equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells, or resistance bands.

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