Beginner to Intermediate Lean Muscle and Strength (Free Program)

The Program:

How to do each exercise:

Track your progress:

Find out your strength levels:

Find out how many calories you need to eat at maintenance and eat those calories everyday:

This is a free program to help you get to the intermediate stage as quick as possible. As you’re training with optimal frequency, volume and intensity you will be make the fastest gains possible. Just remember to lift heavy and progress through every workout and don’t forget to track your workouts as this is very important. Hope you guys enjoy this program. This is guaranteed to give you results as I’ve tried it with other people in the past.


  1. Zain Blake says:

    Any social media g?

    • Easy Aesthetics says:

      Zain Blake you can find me on Instagram @easy.aesthetics, snapchat @ ds5228. I post mostly on YouTube but aiming to be more active once my life starts getting interesting lol

  2. Carl Lancer says:

    Yow the free progam is LIT🔥

  3. Zayn Playz says:

    Finally the first ever dominic’s program

  4. Kyle Justin says:

    That’s why i like your channel.

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