Best android app for weight loss 2016

“How to lose weight fast” is one of the most popular applications about losing weight. More than 100 weight loss tips. If you want to diet or lose weight fast this application can help you. With this application you can eat your favorite foods that burn calories and help you to get the body that you want in one week.
With “How to lose weight fast” app you will learn how to chose the healthy foods or foods that you should to avoid.

The app is the best way to lose fats for Men’s and Women’s. Many people just like you have lost too much pounds by using the app in just 1 month, absolutely free!

• Features:

– Fastest way to be fit (Fat to Fit)
– More than 100 diet meal plan and Weight loss tips 2016
– Fast transformation of your body 7 days
– Daily meal plan
– Collection of foods for fat burning
– Simple set of instruction to follow.
– Get personalised diet and fitness plans.
– The diet plan provides approximately 1200 – 1400 calories.
– 20% Exercises and 80% diet

If you want to fit and be slim you should just start using this app.

Disclaimer: All the tips in this app are no way intended medical advice or as a substitute for medical treatment, just for informational purpose only.

Still not convinced? Install the app and give it a try Right Now.

Check on google app store:

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