Big Beastly Muscle Viking Flexing Lean 5 Weeks Out from Arnold Classic

looking insane so make sure you click the link and get the full video. 5 weeks out until Ohio and 7 weeks until London 🙂


  1. Thomas Belisle says:

    Good luck to you.

  2. PMdre Fitness says:

    Killing it man!

  3. Mario Husung says:

    So nice bro 💪👍

  4. sheridanbucket says:

    if it’s a sexy contest, you’re overqualified. add a military crew cut … all the more rarw! go get ’em

  5. Super Strong 360 says:

    Damn ur looking huge Bud! Can u make a video where u press someone over your head for reps? I bet u could do that easy!

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