BIG RAMY OFFSEASON UPDATE! Muscle in the Morning

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On Today’s Muscle in the Morning:

Big Ramy
Josh Wade
Julie Mayer
Dean Balabis
Fouad Abiad
Vincenzo Masone

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  1. Larry Medina says:

    Lol @ Ramy 4g face.

  2. Rene Jakobsen says:

    Rami still needs to work on that detail. Big yes but far from looking Ronniesk!!!

  3. Ed Nowakowski says:

    Looks like his head is going to explode.

  4. Local Toast says:


  5. mixalis says:

    Ramy is the best, just get him into Mr O winning shape, ripppppppped to the booooooooooone !!!!! come on Bader !!!!!

    • Larry Medina says:

      Anyone ever thought he just doesn’t have that grainy type muscle? That Levrone and Yates in their time had striations everywhere bc they DIDNT USE INSULIN and Ramy is shredded but he looks smooth bc the muscle is just genetically smooth insulin muscle with hiv?

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