Big Ramy Training ANGRY! Muscle in the Morning (10/30/17)

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On Today’s Muscle in the Morning:

Rosie “Rascal” Harte
Derek Lunsford
Big Ramy
Bojana Vasiljevic
Narmin Assria

Host Dave Palumbo gives you the latest scoop on all the news and gossip from the fitness and bodybuilding world. Start your day right and wake up with Muscle in the Morning.


  1. Nartea Bay says:

    Training ANGRY gets you injured. thank you

  2. LedHead says:

    even though i disagree with dave on few things, i respect him to put consistent hardwork in his youtube channel. he dont just take a pic n talk about it for 10 minutes.

  3. Greg M says:

    How do I get a body like Phil Heath?

  4. Max Leverage says:

    He’s mad because he knows he has no chance of winning. Cedric McMillan has a better chance. Cedric has better charisma and a better aesthetic body. Dry wall has better charisma then Ramy.

  5. nicolaisb2 says:

    Damn There are many males in this video with gyno problems.
    Dave make a video on letrozole please… since these males dont know how to use it proberly

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