Bodybuilder Wrestling With A Skinny Guy

Get the full version of Bodybuilder Wrestling With A Skinny Guy version with over 13 minutes. Watch me using my skinny victim as my playweight when I do leg scissors, body scissors, muscle riding, rib breaker, stranglehold, slaps, neck stretcher, wrestling, face squeezing between my big pecs and biceps, verbal humiliation, bodysitting together with head scissors. Just imagine what it would feel like if it was you.

Skype: kirschgeschmack666

My Statistics:
Height 1,90 / 6,25
Weight on 117 kg / 258lb
Weight off 132 kg / 291lb

Biceps 54 cm / 21 inch
Forearms 43 cm / 17 inch
Waist 90 cm / 35 inch
Chest 140 cm / 55 inch
Neck 53 cm / 21 inch


  1. toughveins says:

    You look so awesome and veiny!! Please make another vein video!!

  2. Paul Manclad says:

    Wow. Really fit

  3. KN2REAL says:

    Can you lift my with one hand ?

  4. YoungsterRubberXXL says:

    Please give me a bearhug sir

  5. highCamel_toe says:

    sexy muscle guy

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