Broken Foot & Toe Workout – Legs and Abs

Having a foot or ankle injury is challenging mentally and physically.
I have been healing from a broken toe for four weeks. I had a pretty bad break when I dropped a weight from a squat bar onto my big toe, splitting it into 4 pieces.

I’m making a series of workouts to help others with leg injuries or disabilities to stay healthy and feel strong while they recover or find ways to deal with a more or less permanent handicap. Feel free to share your experiences in dealing with an injury/handicap in the comments below and subscribe to find more workouts you can easily complete at home!

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Injury History
While I have not been able to run, hit up Cross Fit, or any other activities that place weight on my big toe, I’ve re-discovered a love for working out my abs and arms. And the work pays off, just look at those arms!

If you have a broken foot, stress fracture, sprained ankle, achilles tendon tear, broken toe, broken heel, pulled calf muscle, shin splints, or another lower leg injury that prevents you from using your feet, ankles, or calves when you work out, then use this video or some of my other workout videos to come, to keep yourself feeling strong and healthy.

No equipment needed for this workout! However, if you have some cans to hold for the arm exercises, that’s great to further strengthen your arms.

Feel free to watch a movie or tv show while you watch this video. You can stream this workout video on your phone and place it in front of your laptop or other screen, turning the volume off. Just watch what I’m doing and follow along.

15 minutes of ab, core, hip, and total body strength activities.

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