Brutal Iron Gym – Female Contest Prep Approach (see description)

This information would apply to a female (and males) looking to lose weight in general as well as for a competition
Discussing contest prep methods can sometimes spark heated debates but the information discussed in the video is what I’ve found not only to work leading into a competition but, more importantly, to also maintain a healthy body composition post-contest
A useful source of information arguing against the traditional model of sustained lower caloric intake with heightened cardiovascular activity can be found on Layne Norton’s YouTube channel
Layne is a natural professional bodybuilder, an elite level powerlifter, and an experienced contest prep coach who combines recent research with real-world experience in order to prep his clients
Search his YouTube channel “biolayne” for videos titled “Metabolic Damage” to learn more about the negative long-term effects of the traditional model of female contest prep
The method I’ve found effective for both short-term and long-term fat loss has been to focus more on resistance training instead of cardio in order to increase caloric expenditure and using daily caloric cycling to achieve a net-weekly caloric deficit needed for fat loss while maintaining a higher metabolic rate
Calories must be lowered from the norm to promote body fat loss however, the method you use to lower the calories can have long-term positive or negative consequences
Approaching a contest prep in the manner presented in the video leaves the body in a healthier state post-contest and can allow the participant to better control their weight gain coming out of contest conditioning

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