Brutal Iron Gym – Isometric Holds for Bodybuilding (see description)

Recently I’ve been playing around with adding isometric holds into my bodybuilding work
After 2-3 sets of an exercise the working muscles are pumped full of blood and the mind-muscle connection is primed…
So, I perform a 30 second isometric hold in the peak contraction position of the given exercise
This allows for an intense contraction and heightens the mind-muscle connection as well as causes extra damage to the targeted muscle(s)
I then perform an additional 1-2 sets of regular style contraction reps followed by another 30 second isometric hold before moving on to the next exercise
In total it’s a small time investment but can really help improve mind-muscle connection and increase your growth stimulus from the workout
It can be used for a lot of different exercises and would be great for adding into the training of stubborn body parts

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