Christian Yoga Strength + Intention for 2017 15 min Practice

Doors are open for the Sophia Session 2017 Season!

May this 15 min practice help you practice the wisdom of God and embody your word for 2017.

Come alive, dance, breathe and infuse every cell of your body with your intention for an amazing new year.

A prayer for the New Year: “May we be courageous and say yes, a whole-hearted yes, and be in supreme agreement with the fullness that You have for us, God; may we all just be in supreme agreement with Love and let Love inform us and take our form this year; and we just say yes to the Spirit to continue the work in our bodies to bring light, to bring healing, and to bring nourishment.

Scripture from this practice: John 1:14 And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.

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