CLASSIC PHYSIQUE NEW RULES: Ruining the Division? Heavy Muscle Radio (12/4/17)

Dave Palumbo and Chris Aceto talk about what 7x Mr Olympia Phil Heath’s up to these days; and is it really necessary to have a supplement sponsorship these days.

Plus, will this new restaurant in Japan, EDIBLE BROTHER”– which serves Human Meat– catch on and spread to other countries?


  1. cliff bentley says:

    So funny hearing the stories about daves dad .Lol

  2. I am the Filth Lord says:

    The only human meat Dave gets is in his rear end 😂

  3. Frotax Frotax says:

    Why did you change title from human meat? Demonetized?

  4. Conor VanZant says:

    Did you guys saw Steve Laureus debut ?

  5. josh vizi says:

    Do they do this radio show often still? I haven’t gotten an alert for one of these in like 2 years and I get regular alerts from this channel

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