CrossFit: Shrugged Strength Test Day 1, 2 & 3

I decided to do some testing in my bye round for football and decided to take on the Shrugged Strength Test written by the guys at Barbell Shrugged.

Day 1
Beginner Shrimp Squat – I could only complete with a raised heel, so ankle mobility was the main issue for not being able to do it barefoot.
Overhead Squat – 100kg
Front Squat – 135kg, quite poor technique, if I improve thoracic mobility and am able to get more upright in the front squat, I will be able to improve the front squat much more.
Front Rack Rear Elevated Split Squat (5RM) – 70kg, I didn’t complete it on my left side because my groin was started to do the work and I’ve had injuries in that area before, so thought it would be wise no just not complete, rather than push through the pain.
Handstand Push ups – 1 rep, thought I would be able to get a few out but then I realised my pressing strength is terrible and I weight a bit under 100kg.

Day 2
Strict Military Overhead Press – 67.5kg
Strict Weighted Pull-up – 35kg
Seated Dumbbell Press w/ 40% of OHP 1RM – 6 reps on the right, 7 on the left (lost the footage)
Pull-ups – 10
Weighted Dip – 40kg, this is meant to me a ring dip but couldn’t find any rings, I had 2 x 12kg and 2 x 8kg chains around me and that was really uncomfortable, I might have been able to load more weight but was okay with that number
Dips – 16, also meant to be on the rings, so this number would be much less

Day 3
Double Overhand Deadlift – 180kg, I do double overhand on the first rep and hook grip on the second rep to show the difference, my grip couldn’t go to 190kg but my legs obviously can.
Farmers Carry w/ 50% of Double Overhand Deadlift 1RM – 30m, I didn’t expect to get this far and as a result set up a poor filming angle, I cut the clips to when I leave and when I come back, otherwise there would be 40 seconds of pointless film.
Bench Press 1RM – 107.5kg, not my best effort, I have lost some strength here
Inverted Strict Bar Row – Max Reps: 14 – I feel off midway through, so I guess that could be considered cheating, not the greatest number anyway
Bar Push-Ups – Max Reps: 26

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