DEADLIFT PARTY – Powerlifter Workout + Abs!

Team Super Training begins their next training cycle in preparation for a June SPF Meet. The gang deadlifts for some sets of 5 and do something they rarely do: train abs.


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  1. Galois Underground says:

    *sponsored by monster* how out of shape do you have to be to have to do a 20 minute warmup to be able to pick a bar up off the ground? americans obsessed with gaining weight meanwhile they are outlifted by 70kg russian girls

  2. 17fireinthesky says:

    Wasn’t Jim Mcd involved with first voiceovers for ST?

  3. kfa4303 says:

    Interesting point about body proportions and it explains why my deadlift is so much better than my bench. They both suck, but my bench is waaaay more sucky despite my best efforts.

  4. Max Williams says:

    Love the videos mate, But next time just keep the gym audio don’t do a commentary, came here for deadlift party and to listen to heavy weight hitting the floor not 2 mins on how good a squat machine is

  5. Eric Cartman Fitness says:


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