Downward Dog & Plank Pose Variations (for Strength + Stability)

If you’ve practiced yoga for any length of time, you’ve probably done downward dog and plank over and over again. This tutorial is a playful way to update and upgrade your transition between these two poses.

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This is a transition I use often in my classes and in my own practice. Just adding the walking between the two poses is beneficial to support the strength of your wrists and arms, but also adds the much needed variety and diversity of movement for your mind and body.

When we add the variation of the movement when you slow it down and keep your pelvis from moving side to side, then you really get to see the difference of how much more strength and stability is needed throughout your core and your whole body.

Use it as a transition between both poses or simply as a lovely warm up or movement at any time you need it!

Here is the link to the wrist tutorial if your wrists need some mobility and some love:

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  1. Heart & Bones Yoga says:

    This is my favourite transition between downward dog and plank pose. Let me know what you think!

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