Eating For The Day To Build Lean Muscle Mass (One Day Flexible Meal Plan)

In this video I show you what I’m eating for the day to build lean muscle mass. My TDEE is around 3000 calories and I eat in a small surplus to prevent minimize fat gain and to put on lean muscle mass.

Lots of people believe that they cannot eat their favourite foods and everything must be healthy all the time. Guys we are not bodybuilders nor powerlifters. We are just the average joe trying to look good but be able to have the freedom to enjoy what they want.

Fitness should be an addition to enhance your life by improving your health and longevity. This is why I promote doing cardio in addition to weight training and learning how to train optimally as a natural lifter so that we don’t waste any time. We all want fast results which is why I promote optimal training.

I hope you guys realise how easy this can be if you learn basic principles of diet and training. Don’t hesitate to comment below, I would like to know your feedback.

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  1. Jack Husband says:

    That backflip was spot on mate

  2. Maurice Cooper says:

    Loved the intro, bro! Videos are incredible!👍👍 I want to ask something: on the 3-5 days a week I go to the gym, I do cardio about an hour each day. Am I overdoing it a little?

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