Elements of Aerobic Gymnastics – EXPLOSIVITY, STRENGTH AND MOVEMENT

Aerobic Gymnastics elements are classified into one of four groups: Dynamic strength elements (such as pushups, explosive pushups, explosive supports and leg circles), Static strength elements (including supports and planches), Jumps and leaps (including those landing in split or pushup positions), and Balance and flexibility elements.

Aerobics would not be what it is without the seven basic Aerobic steps: The march, the jog, the skip, the knee lift, the kick, the jack and the lunge. These steps, combined with arm movements, appear frequently in exercises.

Though not counted as Aerobic elements, lifts are an important part of Aerobic routines. At least one lift, where a gymnast is fully supported by his or her partner or teammates and lifted to shoulder level or higher, is compulsory for routines in Mixed Pair, Trio and Group. Lifts can be quite creative, much to the delight of the crowd.

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