Fatloss and Shredding FULL Body Calisthenics Workout

Download my Calisthenics Program here:

Routine is this:
2 mins Jump Rope – 1 min Jumping Jacks – 10 Pullups – 20 Pushups – 10 Burpees – 30 secs Mountain Climbers – 10 Knees Pushups – 50 Bodyweight Squats.

I did this circuit for 5 times and used no break time or at minimum. Adapt it to your own fitness level, higher or lower.

Work hard and be very focused on every rep. Keep the speed and intensity pretty low to trigger the fatloss response.

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  1. vitor crema says:

    adoniran, you only gained muscle mass with calisthenics, weighted calisthenics and diet ?, did you ever do a gym?

  2. vitor crema says:

    Nice vídeo!

  3. Adam Stavast says:

    Very nice.

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