FERGUSON BEAST MODE! – Muscle In The Morning August 11, 2017

Brad Rowe Back in Action, Anjelica Texeira Crushing It, The Lewis Effect, Juan Diesel Crushing Back, Andre Ferguson in Beast Mode,


  1. scoochie goon says:

    Juan Morel is able to compete like he does because dudes able to eat like Burger King and McDonald’s while he’s prepping. a lot of these guys that have to starve themselves really go through a lot of suffering. Juan morels metabolism is perfect for bodybuilding if its structure matched it he’d be unstoppable. I heard he eats like a whole cartons of ice cream every night and just massive amounts of junk food every day just to fill out his physique. I wonder if he needs to take and t3. he probably take some clen to shred those glutes but if your metabolism is not good would you even want to mess around with t3.


    Get ready for the onslaught of Rich Piana videos Palumbo is getting ready to release to capitalize on Rich’s health misfortune like he did with the almost never-ending “racist” mini-series.

  3. Trent Wozniak says:

    Hey Dave can you make sure and ask Piana’s corpse if its a racist?

  4. Quest for Shreds says:

    Everyone got a championship swagger!!! according to dave haha

  5. Rock's Fitness says:

    No Rich’s health update?

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