#FitterFriday: 15 Minute Kettlebell & Bodyweight Fat Loss Pyramid

It’s #FitterFriday! Get warmed up and then perform 10 reps on each exercise back to back as a circuit, then immediately perform 9 reps on each and so on all the way down to 1 rep on each.

NOTE: For the high pulls be sure to perform the reps on both arms before moving on. For the high knees to sprawl combo, 6 high knees (3 each leg) and then a sprawl counts as 1 rep.

1️⃣ Single arm high pulls
2️⃣ High knees to sprawl combo
3️⃣ Press ups

Get involved Fitties and please get in touch with any questions.

Find out more at www.fitter16.com.

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