Full Effective Biceps Forearm & Abs Workout : @Mr_2_Clutch_

►►Waddup Kings and Queens I have A Clutch Effective Biceps Forearm & Abs Workout. In the video I show different ways you can work those areas. Try it out and let me know what you think.
►►Full Workout Routine
+Warm Up Close Grip Pull Down – (5set – 5x)
+Preacher Curls – Standing Curls – (4set – 10x-12x)
+Concentration Curls – (3set -10x-15x)
+Cable Hammer Curls (3sets -10x -15x)
+Cable Reverse Curls (3sets 10x – 15x)
+Concentrated Preacher Curls With A Twist (3sets x10x – 15x)
+Reverse Forearm Curls – Forearm Raises – (3sets 10x – 12x)
+Reverse Crunch – Cable Crunch (3sets 10x – 15x)
+Weighted Knee Tucks – Wood-choppers (3sets 10 – 15x)
►►Life Tip Of The Day?
The longer you wait the harder it gets. Go after what you want in life now ►►CLUTCH
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