GIJayne Fitness: Perfect Full Body Workout Cardio & Strength

GIJayne is back at it with a new Perfect Full Body Workout routine! Come work on your strength and cardio with Jayne and prepare to workout like you never have before!

Warm up:
Jog/jump rope/shuffle/scissors/ open hips-pull back/toe touches/vertebrae stretch

squat drop plank
Push up release with hand lifts
Renegade row to Plank Jack
Bicep/squat/shoulder press
Butt kickers
Plank to a T
Catcher squat
Back lunge right
Back lunge left
Front lunge right
Front lunge left
Tricep kick backs
Mountain climbers
Football drills 30 sec/jumping jacks
Glute bridge/reverse abs

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Produced by Johnny Eppich

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