Gym Owners (Enroll 75 to 150 New Members)

Gym Owners (Enroll 75 to 150 New Members)

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Fitness Life Marketing (Enroll 75 to 150 new members) as well as Health Club News (#1 Health Club News Source) helps gyms boost their revenue and increase their market share. We specialize in helping club owners obtain new members from our proven health club marketing campaigns. Let us help you have your best promotion ever…We will add to what you are currently doing each month.

New Members=New Excitement!

The marketing campaign is a membership drive that targets the weight loss segment of the clubs surrounding market and through our outside corporate sells effort,social media marketing and direct mail advertising, we draw new members into the facility, to join a program of fitness and nutrition combined into one single easy to implement “coaching supported” Ripped Zone group training program.

This is a receivables building promotion that allows the club to charge a premium monthly price and not discount their services or club image. In most markets we recommend right at $59.00 to $79.00 per month based on a EFT draft. We take all the risk and put up all the money to run the campaign, so there is no out of pocket expense for the owners….in others words we don’t make a profit unless the club does.

We come to your location to conduct the campaign over a few weeks and train with the staff / owners on how to keep this new profit center going. All the homes in your marketing will receive a direct mail post card with your name and logo branding…this alone is a big impact.We hit all the surrounding businesses and have a neighborhood door hanger program that draws people in. We saturate social media and reach out to all the businesses with a special corp offer…all in an effort to drive new customer though the door and increase the gyms local market share.

We discovered years ago that there is a middle line membership being overlooked in the health club industry, that can be easily reached, additionally these members will pay a little more to get a specific program. It’s in between “personal training” and a “regular membership”…it’s “weight loss coaching with small group training” and we can show you how.

If you can go to and I have a Q&A section towards the bottom as you scroll down…also there is a audio file that says “listen now”….I encourage you to listen and lean more. If you are interested or have any questions give me a call or send an email. 1-888-541-0714

You can reach me on LinkedIn as well.


John Rogers

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