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Workout Music for Step, Running, Aerobic Exercise, Yoga, Pilates, Cycling, Training, Aqua Fitness and many more!!!
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1. Peruz Vs. Frank Nastri – Absolutribe (Workout Remix)
2. Rainbow Connection – Mixing In The Dust (Workout Remix)
3. Evo-K – Amazonas (The Colors Of Love) [Workout Remix]
4. Guesta & Pain – Voices (Workout Remix)
5. Funky Dream Men – Congaphobia (Workout Remix)
6. Etna – Deep Jungle (Workout Remix)
7. Acapulco – So Strong (Workout Remix)
8. Osiris – Deep Mission (Workout Remix)
9. Shaka – Berimbao (Workout Remix)
10. Power Flower – Permanent Wave (Workout Remix)
11. Malibu’ – Mamasa (Workout Remix)
12. Icarus – Ajanda (Workout Remix)
13. Kilimanjaro – Jamboo (Workout Remix)
14. 6Th Element – Together (Workout Remix)
15. Margarida – Thea Folli’ (Workout Remix)

Do you want that Beyonce body or amazing abs for the summer, you can create playlists here for aerobic exercise, running, cardio or maybe you just want to Dance Dance for fun, our fresh new tribal dance step session will keep you motivated!

Follow us and stay tuned for all the new weekly mixed sessions: all the best in sport and fitness music mixes for your exercise.

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