How To Do Hill Sprints – Run Faster & Burn Fat With Hill Sprints

Utilize hill sprints in your training to run faster, burn fat, and develop explosive power!

Sprint Training –

Whether you are looking to develop acceleration, burn fat, or work your cardio with high intensity interval training, hill sprints are a great way to accomplish a lot of work in a small amount of time.

For sprinters and other speed athletes, hill sprints are best used during the pre-season, where they act as a preparatory tool for the more intense sprint training sessions that come later in the year.

If programming your speed training or sprint training program, I would suggest you use hills during the first 12 weeks of training, for one of your sprint training days each week.

Start off with a nice, smooth grass hill, using training shoes/flats for footwear.

After you have done hill sprints for 9-12 weeks, you will be ready to do more intense acceleration work, block starts, and speed work on the track.

The hill sprints you do will develop specific strength in the positions and postures needed for effective acceleration, and by doing them early you will have a much better time staying healthy during your track season, football season, etc.

Hill Sprints – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do hill sprints make you faster?

Yes! Hill sprints make you run faster, as long as you perform them properly. Do them with optimal sprint technique, and in the right workloads, and hill sprints will help you run faster.

2. How to do hill sprints?

As stated in the video, utilize hill sprints for anaerobic capacity, acceleration technique, glycolytic capacity, glycolytic power, fat loss, and high intensity interval training.

3. Do hill sprints burn fat?

Many people often ask, do hill sprints burn fat? The answer in short is yes, hill sprints do burn fat. The most effective hill sprint workouts for fat-loss would be high intensity interval training style hill workouts, where you sprint for 8-30 seconds at high intensity, followed by an active rest period until you are able to sprint again. This will help you burn fat and stimulate natural human growth hormone release.


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