How to LOSE WEIGHT FAST EASILY | 7 guaranteed FAT LOSS TIPS naturally at HOME.

Hello everyone !
In this video I ll be sharing my 7 best tips to reduce weight/fat easily and naturally at home.

Dangers of excess sugar

Benefits of Green Tea

BMI Calulator
Daily water intake calculator
Daily protien intake calculator
Daily carbs intake calculator
Daily fat intake calculator

Hello fitness freaks !!
I am Harshal Mudiraj and I have opened this channel with an intention to help you with your fitness goals.
I have been training since 4 years now(see I am average gym goer just like you guys :)) and I will share my fitness tips & tricks with you all which I learned over these years.
So please subscribe, Share & support my channel.
Thanks to all. 🙂

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  1. Harshal Mudiraj says:

    What you guys want to see next?

  2. avinash naik says:

    Make a video about an day routine for fat loss
    Morning when u wake up
    After workout if doing in morning
    In brkfast,in lunch,evening and last and least dinner

  3. avinash naik says:


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