How To Transition Into Fat Loss

How to transition into fat loss after being in a bulking or building phase or an extended period of time. The Transition with diet, cardio and schedule will help you get into your groove without the fear or feeling of being overwhelmed.


  1. Wendy Lofthouse says:

    I’m all in at my preset date!!! So I guess cold turkey alllll the way!! I start counting down to show day!

  2. Colin DeWaay says:

    Can confirm 5 minutes of bike after doing no cardio is ridiculously harder than one would think…

    Personally I find I do better with going “all in” on the dieting phase. If I try to ease in too much I kind of fight with myself a bit and don’t really except that I’m changing phases. One it clicks it’s go time.

  3. Donut Domination says:

    I prefer to just get in it…but it is hard!

  4. Nui Fitz says:

    Most def… i need a slow transition

  5. Ciara Jordan says:

    Preach! Love all your videos Paul. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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