Increase your vertical jump : Body Fat & Core Strength (Part 4/4)

Welcome to the Elevate Yourself free vertical jump training series, which is a 4 part series. This video is the 4th of 4 segments, and discusses how to develop your plyometric ability. Subscribe to this channel and stay tuned for future episodes released every 2 weeks!

INCREASE YOUR VERTICAL JUMP, make sure you watch these free jump training videos, which cover strength exercises (i.e., squat, deadlift, bench), plyometrics (i.e., box jumps, depth jumps, sprints), and jumping technique.

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Learn HOW TO PLAY VOLLEYBALL, effective volleyball technique, and watch free volleyball tutorial videos and volleyball lessons on my Volleyball Tutorials playlist.

Sign up for Elevate Yourself E-Coaching with me, Coach Donny, where I write you a customized jump training and nutrition program to help you accomplish your athletic goals, like increasing your vertical jump and strength .!

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