Is Size and Strength Important in Recruiting?

Today we talk about how important size and strength is in recruiting. Antonelli Baseball is the #1 online resource for baseball instruction. We breakdown the mechanical aspects of hitting, fielding, throwing, and base running to make them easy to understand and actionable. We also cover the mental side of baseball and offer college baseball recruiting advice. We delve into the details that you will not find anywhere else.

Great Books to Check out!

Practice Perfect:
Above the Line:
You Win in the Locker Room First:
The Energy Bus:
Think Like a Seal:
The Carpenter:

Training Tools to Try!
Tanner Tee:
Weighted Hitting Training Balls:
Total Control Balls:
Weighted Pitching Velocity Balls:

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  1. Alex Sotus says:

    Hey @Antoneli Baseball, I am a sophomore in high and currently play for my high school, my goal is to get recruited by a d1 college on a scholarship but I am only 5ft 6inches and weigh about 130 , what can I do to possibly get taller or is height not important like José Altuve
    Thank you, Alex

  2. drumitar says:

    krush davis proves size does not matter

  3. Anthony amato says:

    Does a 6’2 kid that is 170lbs get looked at more than a kid that is 5”9 190 and built?

  4. Cody Carchio says:

    Matt u should do a video on weighted ball excercises and arm strengthening workouts

  5. Luke Zbytek says:

    Wake Forest baby

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