Jump Rope – An Aerobic and Mental Workout

Jumping rope.
It’s not terribly exciting to watch, but it forms an integral part of my week.
It’s a practice that’s been with fighters for centuries and for me it’s become almost meditative.
It allows me to build an aerobic base while mentally drilling techniques, reviewing previous rounds of sparring and assessing my mental characteristics – How emotionally calm did I stay sparring? Did I give it my all?
Mental drilling is of the upmost importance, yet sadly often overlooked.
It provides you with a platform to hone the intricacies of techniques and movements without the needs of a partner, space or physical location.
“Neuromuscular theory proposes that visualisation activates the same motor pathways as if the skill were physically performed, but at a sub-threshold level. Studies using EMG equipment have demonstrated this activation, which is comparable to physical movement but at a lower level.”
Take away point – it’s ok to daydream… just make it count!

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