Kevin Levrone & Arnold Australia Lineup: HEAVY MUSCLE RADIO- January 8, 2018

John Romano returns to co-host this post New Years edition of Heavy Muscle Radio.

Topics Discussed
1. Lee Priest Face Tattoo
2. Lui Marco Debacle
3. Jimmy the Bulls Greatest Lift
4. Arnold Australia Lineup Announcement


  1. Alex says:

    I think we all know that. But Dave as a fan of rxmuscle I have one bone to pick with you. And this how two-faced and shitted you acted with Kevin levrone when he lost and basically got humiliated in the Olympia. Dave you threw him right under the bus. Not cool fam. That’s one thing I don’t like about you. I come here. And give my two cents. But I’m being honest as fuck. Dave keep up the good work and all the shit you do. But don’t be Too Faced snake oil salesman on cunt.

    All the best.
    – Alex form Toronto

  2. Joe Aglio says:

    Jesus 26 minutes of a luimarco talk????? helluva lotta time to waste on someone whose a nobody in the industry…

  3. Mark Davenport says:

    Enough about LUI

  4. sageXx429xX says:

    Bro you kinda have thin skin because the lui is getting to you

  5. Drewe Ray says:

    You guys should Skype this shit

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