Metabolic Monster – “All-Movement” Driveway Conditioning and Fat-Loss Circuit

To maximize the fat-burning and metabolism-boosting effects of your training, you need to use the biggest muscle groups you’ve got and do as much work as much as possible with them.

That’s where this circuit comes in…and it’s a monster.

I call it the All-Movement Driveway Circuit for two reasons. First, it’s “all movement” because you’re literally targeting every major movement pattern during the course of the circuit (hip hinge, press, lunge, row, squat).

Second, I’m doing it out in my driveway because my basement flooded during some severe storms, so I had to move my training out to the driveway until I get my gym cleaned up and put back together.

I’ll list the weights as I used as a reference, but definitely use what you think works best for your strength levels. All you need for this is a bit of free weight (in the form of dumbbells and/or kettlebells) and some floor space, making it a good choice for crowded gyms.

The exercises are put together in a very specific order, based on what they work and HOW they work.

Don’t go to failure on ANY of these exercises. You can approach it, but don’t hit it. Our idea here is to do a lot of overall WORK rather than push things to the point of exhaustion on each round.

Workout Structure

I recommend doing this using a “front loading” rest structure to better manage fatigue and perform more overall work. Here’s what that looks like:

After the first round, take 1 minute rest.
After the second round, take 2 minutes rest.
After the third round, take 3 minutes rest.
After the fourth round, take 4 minutes rest.
After the fifth round, take 5 minutes.
Then do your last round and you’re done.

This gives you a total of six rounds…and believe me, that is PLENTY.

The reason I recommend this rest structure is that you’ll be doing more work with less rest at the front of the workout. As fatigue kicks in, you’re taking more rest in order to keep stretching out the workload. Your reps will drop a LOT on the later sets, especially if you’re on a low-calorie diet at the time.

If you try to keep to a low rest period (like 1 or 2 minutes), you will gas out VERY quickly. This allows you to keep going.

It’s brutal.

The Finisher

To finish it off, do a long distance loaded carry, which rounds it all out to complete the movement pattern set. This also is ideal for fat-burning.

This low-intensity aerobic work acts to burn off the free fatty acids that are currently circulating in your bloodstream (which were released from the fat cells by your high-intensity work). This low-intensity training prevents what’s called “re-esterification” of the fat, which basically means, you burn it so it doesn’t get put back into your fat cells.

I did a suitcase dumbbell carry with 50 lbs for 500 meters (you can choose to go more, if you like, but go for a continuous distance that takes you at least 5 minutes or more).

Go non-stop, switching hands as needed when your grip on one side starts to fade.

When doing this carry, try and keep the dumbbell off your hip. Keep your shoulders level so that your core is forced to stabilize the load and the dumbbell is not just leveraged on your leg.

Once you’re done with THAT, then you’re truly done.

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Nick Nilsson
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