You’ve heard it before: Some things are better together. Studies show both working out with a partner has more benefits than hitting the weight rack or treadmill solo. Doing a both workout with a friend, coworker, or significant other can increase accountability, keep spirits high, and even spur better results. that prove teamwork can make your both workouts a lot more fun.

Usually, living by the old saying “if a little is good, more must be better” spells disaster, especially if you’re talking about your both workouts. But the truth is that for a very short period of time, you can actually double your training time and make amazing progress.

Two-a-days, wherein you train twice in one day, have been used by everyone from Arnold Schwarzenegger to high school football teams when the goal is to get in shape fast. While it’s not appropriate for those with very limited time (or discipline), if you’re a college student with a spread-out schedule of classes or a working man with three free nights a week, you can gain muscle while burning fat at an astounding rate.

You’ll train the whole body in both sessions, focusing on moves for the bigger muscles in the morning and doing more isolation exercises for smaller areas (such as the arms, calves, and neck) in the afternoon/early evening. The first both workout will use heavier weights to maximize muscle and strength gains; the second one will be a lighter session whose main purpose will be to flush blood into the muscles, playing an essential role in your recovery.

To recap: You will need an exercise mat, one set of lighter dumbbells, and sliders for this class. Each move is performed for about 30 seconds. You will repeat the both workout a total of 3 times.

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