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Why does this plan work? When we are trying to shed the last few pounds, stay motivated or start our weight loss journey, many do not realize how important mental strength is. Think about anytime you have given into cravings. It is our minds that want the cupcake or pizza. Our bodies do not need those foods because they provide little to no nutritional value.
Fear can hold us back from many goals including weight loss. Perhaps there is a reason from your past that is stoping you from reaching your full potential. By tackling the emotional side of things you can easily lose weight.
Tracking your meals and workouts holds you accountable. When we set a personal goal there is not going to be a boss or friend pushing us the entire time to stay on track. I have found that when I write things down it holds me accountable to goals I set. Like I said even if you cheat, put it down.
I also find that when I track my weight loss progress it makes me want to eat healthy and workout. Every day we stick to our plan we are one step closer! Good luck everyone! I am here for you! xoxo


  1. alicia11kong says:

    Sam thank you for all the videos, I can tell they are all come from your heart. It can really reach to us. Also, Can you do a most recently self tanning videos? Thank you

  2. Nicole Farish says:

    Do you have any gluten free recipes or store bought snacks that are good? I’m thinking about trying to go gluten free to see if it is the cause of some health issues. thanks girl for another great video!! 🙂

  3. NatschoNotorious says:

    Girl, your videos are really important to me. this is my time to finally feel amazing all around and it already started. xo

  4. lilbluebuggaboo says:

    Can you make a video on advice for working out during a harsh period

  5. Drew Flores!! says:

    NEED HELP! I’m 14 years old, 4’11 and 146 lb. I am very determined to lose weight. I love yoga, meditation, and working out (most of the time haha) but my huge mexican family doesn’t believe in eating healthy. We are going through some pretty bad financial situations so my mom doesn’t think we can afford to eat healthy (even though I know we can since we can afford to buy so much junk). Can someone please help me convince my mom?

    • Drew Flores!! says:

      Huntress Artemis Thank you so much! ❤️

    • Huntress Artemis says:

      Start eating more plant based meals. Hispanic food is already traditionally very cheap (rice, beans, corn, etc.) The expensive parts of the diet are probably meat and cheese. Be sly and start helping your family to cook meals and request healthier meals. Look up some recipes on youtube (Liv’s Healthy Life, Cheap Lazy Vegan, Hot For Food) and it’ll help a lot.

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