Nasser El Sonbaty: The Lost Tapes! Heavy Muscle Radio (10/16/17)

Dave Palumbo and Chris Aceto are back for another episode of Heavy Muscle Radio!

Tonight, the two recap the 2017 IFBB Phoenix Europa Pro where dark horse Dwayne Quamina stole the show in the 212 division.

Plus, Dave plays a classic clip from the lost Nasser El Sonbaty interview.

It’s Heavy Muscle Radio, on


  1. stoneeh says:

    17:37 yeah sure, that’s because your gut was so muscular, wasn’t it, not because of Palumboism. Lenny logic =)

  2. jweber544 says:

    Dave’s impression is pretty good

  3. archilonshadowheart7 says:

    Anyone else remember that story of when 320 lbs shredded Dave Palumbo was walking in a mall/ shopping centre or whatever and since he was with Gregg nobody even noticed Dave! but hey Greg was 420 lbs once upon a time.

  4. archilonshadowheart7 says:

    you had Steve Michalik and Chris Clark on but it ist working on the site could you please upload those again, Chris was on the radio show twice one by himself and one with Eugene Mishin and everyone loved that episode, plus i cant find enough on Steve Michalik, i know you did a tribute show but i believe you actually had him on

  5. jason levitt says:

    I watched Nasser attack a guy at my gym (Golds PB), in maybe 1999? Guy was sitting on a couch talking with me, and Nasser jumped on him no warning. Totally insane.

    • archilonshadowheart7 says:

      well he was no stranger to synthol, 10g of test for short periods, the old amps of parabolan and anadrol not exactly a good combo mentally plus he gets jealous SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EASY

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