NEW Absolute Abs Attack! #1 Home Abs/Core Workout Quickest Way To Burn Fat!

Welcome to CamYoung Fitness! I’m a 15 Year Old and from Newcastle and I Love Fitness! Please Like the Video and Subscribe to The Channel! Also I Do Boxing If Anybody Would Be Interested In Those Type Of Videos! Also Comment Down Below For Any Video Ideas! Thanks For Watching! ­čśÇ
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  1. Raphael Fernandez says:

    Very good exercise to get tension on the abs, really tests out your
    mentality and that’s what I like about it. Good job man you’ve been owning
    it lately´╗┐

  2. Travis Page says:

    Great workout man, I know it burned! lol. I dropped you a like.´╗┐

  3. Loud Fitness says:

    Dope video man! Killing it´╗┐

  4. victor cfit says:

    Very nice…´╗┐

  5. Avo Solakian says:

    Killed it man, great job´╗┐

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