No Equipment Upper Body & Abs Workout – At Home Upper Body & Core – 30 min upper body workout

***NO CRUNCHES – Upper Body & Abs Workout

This is a bodyweight at home training video:

No Equipment Upper Body & Abs Workout – At Home Upper Body & Core – 30 min upper body workout Class: 1 workout a day


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  1. 1 Workout a Day says:

    Hey lovely people! I have been off from releasing new workouts, because I catched a cold and was in bed for a couple of days. It’s freezing outside over here so a lot of my friends are sick too… 🤒🤕🤧 but I’m much better now and glad to be back with a new workout routine for you 😉 this time it’s an upper body and abs workout. You don’t need any equipment…it’s totally bodyweight only and if you love doing planks… well then LUCKY YOU 😉😉😉hehe. .there are no crunches involved and you get to do a lot of plank variations and push ups. It’s a workout you can easily do at home. PLEASE SHARE with family and friends who would enjoy it! Much love and best wishes June 😘

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