Real NINJA GIRL / Ariel Khadr / Glutes – ABS – Muscle Show Workout / Posing

Model – Ariel Khadr
Very strong girl with great skills and muscles


chica fuerte, aptitud mujeres
starkes Mädchen Muskeln, Frauen Fitness
fortes músculos menina, aptidão das mulheres
сильная девушка мышцы, женщины фитнес

bodybuilding women
woman fitness
USA bodybuilding
USA fitness
bodybuilding 2016

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  1. Ronald Lanzas says:

    I watched it, left, then a few hours later had to watch it again. This
    woman is stunning!

  2. D Incognito says:

    What a sexy ninja!

  3. Paul Galle says:

    great ass too

  4. Paul Galle says:

    sexy girl

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